About Birdie

Birdie Stewart writes historical stories inspired by the journals, letters, and pictures she’s inherited of her own ancestors who carved-out lives for themselves in the Pacific Northwest. Her historical novels try to capture the tenacity and strength of the women and men who made their own way in the world. She also writes contemporary stories based on the small town where she was born, raised, and now resides. These stories feature quirky but loveable busybodies, scrappy couples running small businesses, and people who have pride in where they live and strive each day to make the world a better place.

Like her parents and grandparents before her, Birdie Stewart has lived in Oregon all her life. She enjoys gardening, cooking for her family, and, as the family historian, reading the letters and journals of her pioneer ancestors. Birdie’s books reflect her interests and her Christian values. She write tales of good, hardworking people who strive to enrich their communities. She considers it a blessing to share her writing with the world.

You can find Birdie online at:
Twitter – @BirdieAuthor