A Family for Christmas

Widower Frank Motherwell made it clear in his ad that he wanted a bride in name only. The sudden death of his beloved wife left his heart broken and shattered his faith in God. He isn’t looking for love, just a woman to act as a mother towards his children, and someone to help out on the farm.

As a poor orphan, there are few decent propositions for Holly, who has always wanted to be part of a family. When she sees Frank’s ad for a mail order bride, she jumps at the chance. She understands that Frank doesn’t want love and is fine with it…until she arrives in Oregon to find a shell of a man and two children who look as lost as orphans.

It may take a miracle to heal their wounded hearts, but Holly refuses to give up. This Christmas, she is determined to remind them of the most precious gift of all: the love of family.

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